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Language Training.

I offer hands-on, structured and effective language training for English and German. No matter if you're looking for a general language course or for focused exam preparation: my experience and my tested communicative approach to teaching will help you achieve your learning objectives.

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My solutions for you.

Language courses.

My hands-on, practical language courses will help you bring your German or English to the next level. My teaching methods will boost your rusty school-day English, help you get ready for a stay abroad or make your first steps in German and life in Germany a lot more comfortable. If you participate actively, my flexible, individually adapted courses will give your language skills a cutting edge and yield audible and readable results.

Exam preparation.

Language certificates are in particularly high demand - but passing them is challenging. Are you looking for a course to prepare for a language exam in a systematic and targeted manner? Are you looking for a worth-while further training programme that gives your employees a valuable qualification? As a certified examiner for telc exams I can offer individual advice and help you achieve the best results.

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My method.

Being a fully qualified teacher of English and German as foreign languages, my mission is to help you navigate the treacherous waters of grammar and keep you on track to language proficiency. I have learned foreign languages for long enough myself to understand that learning a language consists of much more than just being fed rules.

Grasping a grammar concept in theory is one thing. Using it confidently in messy real-life situations, however, is a different thing altogether - which you probably know if you’ve ever found yourself in a stressful business presentation or in a loud pub speaking a foreign language. At the same time, listening to foreign radio while cooking or just watching enough foreign films and TV series won’t be enough either. Learning a language means being willing to go the extra mile. But you need to know in what direction your efforts should be going.

The teaching method I use gives your learning process clear structures and objectives.

  • It is hands-on.

    Real-life communication always has clear objectives. Therefore my aim is to give you input that helps you make yourself heard and achieve your communicative goals. My courses feature hands-on, real-life speaking exercises that help you engage in everyday life and professional tasks more confidently and effectively. You’ll learn how to share information, solve problems and come across as a confident and competent speaker of your foreign language.

  • It is targeted.

    My curriculum is based on the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR), which is now virtually used everywhere to measure and compare language performance. Whether you are a beginner (lvl. A1 and A2), an advanced (B1 and B2) or a proficient learner (C1 and C2), my structured, carefully staged materials will help you advance to the level you need.

  • It is flexible.

    You decide what your priorities are. Are you looking for a conversation class? Or do you need a course that helps you fill your grammar gaps? Would you like to brush up your vocabulary, train your reading and listening skills or boost your speaking and writing? My method adapts to your needs.

  • It is tried and tested.

    My method is grounded on the “communicative approach”, a methodology endorsed by the English language teaching industry through its CELTA qualification (Certificate of English Language Teaching to Adults) as well as by the certificate offered by the Teacher Training Institute for German as a foreign language in Freiburg (TTI DaF). These qualifications – both of which I hold – are practice-oriented and have been widely recognised for several decades.

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