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I've already lent my voice to decision-makers such as Greek ex-Minister of Finance, Yanis Varoufakis, and Peter Tomka, ex-president of the International Court of Justice. Learn more about how my interpreting solutions can enhance communication at your event.

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At your event, I interpret between the following languages.
  • English > German.
  • German > English.
  • French > German.
  • Spanish > German.

  • The interpreter: a professional ambassador.

    Interpreting means transferring a spoken message from one language into another. It's fundamentally different from written translation, as it requires a distinct set of skills: quick-wittedness and adaptability, creativity and spontaneity, improvisation skills and courage. The interpreter transfers thoughts and ideas rather than words. That's why by no means every translator is also a good interpreter.

    However, the interpreter doesn’t just invent his very own version of the speech, either. Quite the opposite: a good interpreter is above all loyal to the speaker’s message, adapts to the speaker as well as the audience and keeps cool even when under pressure, finding the right wording and the right tone. In short: a good interpreter is consistent in terms of both content and style. You can at all times rely on me to deliver just that.

    Discover my interpreting solutions for your event.

    Depending on the venue, the budget and the requirements, there are several ways of making your event go global and multilingual.

    • Simultaneous Interpreting.

      Simultaneous interpreting has become the standard mode and is especially suitable for conferences, conventions and workshops lasting several hours or days. The interpreters sit in specially equipped, sound-proof booths. They listen to the proceedings over headphones and interpret into a microphone simultaneously. The audience members conveniently listen to the interpretation via a receiver and headphones. Suitable interpreting technology is vital to achieving best results.

      Your advantages.

      • Realtime. You don't lose time thanks to a minimal time-lag between speaker and interpreter.
      • Multilingual. Your event can be easily simultaneously interpreted into several languages at once.
      • XS to XXL. Suitable to grant both small and large groups of participants access to your event in their native language.
    • Consecutive Interpreting.

      Consecutive interpreting is the mode of choice whenever style and effect are essential, for instance during official ceremonies or dinner speeches. The interpreter listens to the speaker and memorises the content and the message by means of special note-taking and memory techniques. He can thereby grasp statements of up to 15 minutes. Once the speaker has finished, the interpreter then delivers his interpretation.

      Your advantages.

      • Gaining trust. Suitable for small groups in which personal relations are important.
      • Showing quality. Recommended when you're looking for the X factor.
      • Keeping it simple. A smart solution for small-scale events without conference technology.
    • Liaison Interpreting.

      Liaison interpreting is defined by close contacts between the interpreter and his clients. The interpreter accompanies individuals or small groups for the duration of an event or a journey, assisting them during confidential negotiations, business lunches or guided tours. The interpretation is adapted to the specific circumstances. The consecutive note-taking system might be used just as well as whispered interpreting or a portable remote interpreting system (called ‘bidule’, as sometimes used by tourist guides).

      Your advantages.

      • Individual. Suitable for small, bilingual groups in which in which personal contacts are vital.
      • Flexible. The interpretation can be adapted to the individual needs and requirements on site.
      • Targeted. Recommended to enable communication for small groups at big events.

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