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Translation & Editing.

Whether it be contracts, presentations or marketing materials - I translate and edit your English, German, French and Spanish documents in a professional, precise and timely manner.

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Why a professional translation is worth every penny.

Translation consists in transferring a written text from one language into another. Everybody seems to be capable of doing that nowadays - or at least that's what tools such as Google Translate and online dictionaries would like to make you believe. Admittedly, there are many situations in everyday life and at work in which machine translation can yield acceptable results, for instance when translating a short mail to a business partner or a personal letter to a relative. But sometimes it just isn't enough.

Often, a translation is all about effect and precision. The texts to be translated contain a large amount of technical terms and complex procedures. In those cases nothing should be left to chance. If eloquence, style and professionalism are of the essence, you'll benefit many times over from enlisting the services of an expert.

This is where I can make a difference to your project. I translate your documents professionally between the following languanges.

  • English > German.
  • German > English.
  • French > German.
  • Spanish > German.
My work is grounded on clear principles. In-depth research and an impeccable mode of expression are among my highest priorities to ensure that your message stays intact. Besides I'm flexible, translating your documents according to your specific needs and wishes.

My solutions for you.

Specialised translation.

I'm specialised in the translation of documents in the following areas.

  • Politics and International Relations.
  • Culture and the Media.
  • Marketing and Advertising.
  • Economics and Finance.
  • Law.
I also offer translation in other areas of specialisation, both by myself and through my network partners.

Editing & Proofreading.

I check and improve your English or German original documents or existing translations in terms of style and correctness to make them truly stand out.

Additional services.

Are you looking for a provider of a language service that has not been mentioned so far, such as subtitling or précis-writing? Do you have specific requests for your translation project? Get in touch to receive individual advice.

My principles.


My work is based on in-depth research and a quest for the perfect wording - that's what you can rely on.


I'll process your project swiftly and in a timely manner. Upon request, I also take on short-term and urgent translation projects.


Two heads are better than one - this is true for translations as well. Upon request, your translation projects are checked and edited by a second professional translator.

A strong network.

My networks allow me to find the right partner for your special requests and large-scale projects.

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